Aug 012015

imagesNew Greg Proops Film Club

Pillow Talk download here for free



Coming soon with links:

August 29 Soho Theatre in London

September 11-12-Boston Comedy Arts Festival -Vodkast, Improv and Book Events

September 15-Nerdmelt, Hollywood-Vodkast

September 20- LA Podfest-Proopcast

September 26-Baltimore Book Festival

September 30-Second City Toronto Vodkast

Oct 13-Litquake San Francisco

Oct 29- Nerdmelt, Hollywood-Vodkast

Whose Live with Ryan Stiles:

9/17 Cree Casino, Alberta

10/1 Windsor, OT

10/2 London, OT

10/3 Kitchener OT

10/4 Missisauga, OT

10/9 Green Bay, WI

10/10 Madison, WI

10/11 Elgin, IL

10/15 Batavia,IL

10/16 University Park, IL

10/17 Bloomington, IL



Jul 202015



From the indigo confines of the Porpoise of Fruititude

Jul 132015

P1010153Recorded Live Sur La Seine


       9/6 Amsterdam Toomler Podcast and Book event

Coming London Dates for Vodkast and Book Readings in September



Jul 062015


Recorded in London Just for You

No Vodka episode


Jun 292015

FullSizeRender_2From the Soho Theatre

Whose Line on Stage in London June 20-July 5 Tickets: