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Greg Proops

“Sharp dressed and even sharper witted.”
-LA Times

Greg Proops is a stand up comic from San Francisco. He lives in Hollywood. And likes it.

Greg will soon be seen on a new comedy series on Nickelodeon called True Jackson VP. Mr. Greg plays Max Madigan president of Mad Fashion. He hires the teenage True as Vice President and mayhem ensues. Keke Palmer, NAACP Image Award winner, stars as True.

Greg joined long time cohort Ryan Stiles in a two-man improvised show, “Unplanned.” They performed for sell out crowds at the Just For laughs Festival in Montreal and taped a gala for the CBC.

The Proopdog is best known for his unpredictable appearances on Whose Line is it Anyway? The hit, improvised comedy show on ABC hosted by Drew Carey. Greg is also a regular on the long running British version of WLIIA? Whose Line is currently seen on ABC Family Channel.

Mr. Proops is a frequent guest on Chelsea Later on E! and on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld on Fox News.

Proopworld provides the announcer voice for the forthcoming game Mad World for SEGA.

He can also be heard as the bad guy Tal Merrick in the animated TV series Clone Wars on Cartoon Network.

Greg can also be heard as the voice of Bob the Builder on the popular children’s series seen on PBS.

Mr. Proops cares like Bono and has performed and hosted at many events for the ACLU including the 2008 membership conference and a rally to stop torture with Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Senator Patrick Leahy and Larry Cox, Director of Amnesty International USA.

Mr. Proopwell aided and abetted Joan and Melissa Rivers on the red carpet at the 2007 Oscars, Emmys, SAG and Grammy awards as a wag and celebrity traffic cop on TV Guide Channel.

He also accompanied Drew Carey to the 2006 World Cup and helped produce and present Drew Carey’s Sporting Adventures on the Travel Channel.

Mr. Proops other television sightings include, The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Last Comic Standing, Ugly Betty, The Bigger Picture with Graham Norton on BBC, Mock the Week on BBC2 and The Drew Carey Show.

Mr. Prooples regularly hosts his own live comedy chat show at the ridiculously hip Hollywood rock joint Largo. Guests have included Flight of the Conchords, Jason Schwartzman, Russell Brand, Jack Black, Sarah Silverman, Joe Walsh, Janeane Garofalo, David Cross, Margaret Cho, Dave Eggers, Joan Rivers, Aidan Quinn, Jeff Goldblum, Kathy Griffin, Lewis Black, Patton Oswalt and John C. Reilly. Providing musical magic is genius and imp Jon Brion.

Mr. Proops has also performed his chat show in Aspen at the HBO Comedy Arts Festival, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Montreal at the Just For Laughs Festival.

Mr. P is very pleased to improvise with Drew Carey, Ryan Styles, Kathy Kinney, Colin Mochrie and many talented others as part of the Improv All Stars. They had the honor of performing for the troops in Bosnia, Kosovo and the Persian Gulf as part of the USO. The All-Stars can be seen on a fabulous Showtime comedy special. When over the pond in London, Greg sits in with the renowned Comedy Store Players.

Darth Proops was so excited to portray Fode, one half of the pod race announcer in the hit motion picture Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and all the subsequent video games. As well as many voices in Tim Burrton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Greg went medieval as Cryptograf in the animated feature Asterix and the Vikings based on the popular French comic book. Greg may be heard as Gommi, the Articulate Worm in Kaena: The Prophecy a full length animated feature starring Kirsten Dunst. He was also Bernard, a mad scientist on Pam Anderson’s animated series Stripperella. Proopbear may also be heard as Lover Bear in Disney’s animated feature Brother Bear.

Mr. Greg was spotted hosting his own syndicated, national dating show Rendez View. He also hosted the now cult classic game show Comedy Central’s VS. Senor Proops threw down an original half-hour of stand up on Comedy Central Presents. Which is repeated ad infinitum.

Across the wide Atlantic in the United Kingdom Greg had his own chat show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival broadcast live on BBC Radio Scotland. Groovy guests like Candace Bushnell, Rich Hall, Geraldine Chaplin, Steven Berkoff and Garrison Keillor have snuggled his sofa.

Mr. Proops performed stand up at How to Cook a benefit with Michael Palin and Terry Jones for the Peter Cook Foundation a BBC Christmas special. Greg was honored to be invited to rock the mike at Prince Charles’ 50th Royal Birthday Gala seen on ITV in Britain. He performed a stand up half-hour on Comedy Store Five for Channel Five and has bantered on All Talk with Clive Anderson.

The Proopkitty is a total smartyboots: he won The Weakest Link, Ben Stein’s Money and Rock n’ Roll Jeopardy. He also asked Dick Clark what his plans were for New Years Eve while guest hosting The Other Half.

Proopmonkey rocks his stand up comedy all over the world and can be found most frequently performing in his beloved hometown of San Francisco.

Mr. P. has toured the UK four times, sold out the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 28 years running and has kicked it live in Paris, Turkey, Milan, Aspen, Montreal, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates.

Below the Equator in New Zealand the Proopshobbit hosted the Oddfellows Comedy Gala for TVNZ and headlined the New Zealand International Comedy Festival. In Australia Speccy Spice jammed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and hosted, Hey, Hey it’s Saturday! A national TV institution.

Mr. Proops is married to a woman, Jennifer. He doesn’t deserve her. They reside in Lower California with their pet ocelot, Bristol.

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