Oct 152012

So new

So huge



October 20  Mesa Arts Center -Mesa, AZ http://www.mesaartscenter.com/index.php/shows/performing-live/gregproops

October 25 Comedy Works Denver http://www.comedyworks.com/comedians/104

November 7 Bar Lubitsch http://www.yelp.com/biz/bar-lubitsch-west-hollywood

November 8 Nerdmelt  https://nerdmeltla.com/

November 14 Bar Lubitsch http://www.yelp.com/biz/bar-lubitsch-west-hollywood

December 9 Comedy Attic,  Indiana https://twitter.com/comedyattic

December 30 Punch Line San Francisco http://punchlinecomedyclub.com/

Next week we are back on regular Friday droppage

Come around and see a live Vodkast

The change will make you reconsider all you believe to be true

Kittens welcome

Reggie, Millie and Jackson say high

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