Dec 172012


This is not Ireland

Jamaica is an Island as well

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I invite you to visit me soon

12/19 Cinefamily Hollywood- Film Club- Scrooge

  • 12/30 Punch Line | San Francisco, CA  Tickets and Info
  • 2013

  • 1/3 Punch Line | Sacramento, CA Tickets and Info
  • 1/19 The Bell House | Brooklyn, NY Tickets and Info
  • 1/21 Greg Proops Film Club at Cinefamily
  • 1/31 Sketchfest Nightlife at GG Park
  • 2/2 Sketchfest Punch Line San Francisco
  • 1/23 Bar Lubitsch
  • 3/2 Holland Center for the Performing Arts | Omaha, NE Tickets and Info
  • 3/10 Laughing Skull Lounge | Atlanta, GA Tickets and Info

And we will have T-Shirts

No there are no Kitten McTavish ones yet. Watch the skies.






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