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The Top Ten Comedy Books of 2015! Vote!

2015 was an amazing year for comedy, and a really strong year for books authored by comedians. These ten comedians managed to find time to each write a book despite having busy full time comedy careers. The books range the gamut in subject matter, from autobiographical, to historical, artistic and creative, and even illustrated. We picked ten of the best books of the year to highlight, and now we need you to vote, on who had the #1 book. Was it , , , , , , , , or Issa Rae? [read more]

Ballpark Figure: Greg Proops

Greg Proops is a comedian known by many names. To some, he is the Smartest Man in the World (as the title of his podcast proudly proclaims). To others, he’s one of the longtime cast members of Whose Line Is It Anyway?. Some know Proops for his voiceover work in films like The Phantom Menace, or perhaps as the author of the newly released Smartest Book in the World, but his most natural talent resides on the stage, where his cutting insights and wry observations have made him one of the most consistently inventive stand-up comedians working today. [read more]

REVIEW: A few of my favourite things

GREG Proops’s current podcast series, The Smartest Man in the World, is the impetus behind the publication of his noteworthy book, The Smartest Book in the World. The author, a witty member of the improvisational comedy show Whose Line is it Anyway? started his podcast in 2010 — and the material for the book is based on half a decade’s worth of output. [read more]

Best nonfiction books of 2015: Some Colorado, some entertainment

“The Smartest Book in the World,” Greg Proops (Touchstone)
Consummate smart-ass and comedy renaissance man Greg Proops (“Whose Line Is It Anyway?”) performs a dizzying variety show of knowledge and commentary, from baseball to cross-dressing buddy comedies.
Denver Post [read more]

Greg Proops on The Smartest Book in the World at Shakespeare and Company Paris

Greg Proops, Three Ways [read more]

In My House, Stalin’s Daughter and The Smartest Book in the World. [read more]

‘Whose Line?’ star Greg Proops gives us ‘The Smartest Book in the World’
Examiner [read more]

The Dumbest Review in the World on The Smartest Book in the World and an Interview with Comedian Greg Proops
Everybody Hates Cleveland [read more]

“funny, political, literate, and bold—all at once.”
New York Journal of Books [read more]

“”The Smartest Book in the World” (Touchstone, $25) is the literary equivalent of a spinning globe. It takes on world history, poetry, buddy movies and Roman emperors — often within the span a few pages.”
Mercury News [read more]

“It’s a terrifically random appreciation of cultural touchstones that’s sure to inspire readers to look further.
Publishers Weekly [read more]

“Snarky history and piquant criticism as delivered by the smartass in the back of the classroom.”
Kirkus Review [read more]

“WARNING: STUPID PEOPLE ARE CAUTIONED TO AVOID THIS BOOK. Its advanced comedy notions may cause emotional hemorrhaging and/or unwanted brain wrinkles.”
Chris Hardwick, host of @midnight.

“It turns out Whose Line Is It Anyway? only hinted at its former in-house player Greg Proops’ gift of gab, which is constantly on display in the weekly soliloquy he calls a Proopscast. Armed with a lifetime of accumulated trivia, reckless tales of youthful adventure, exquisite diction, and an unflappable comic pomposity, Proops dissects both consequential and ridiculous news items while unburdening whatever is bothering him. From crowd interactions to any given newspaper headline, each bit of stimulus serves as a way to take a mad flume ride through the sluices of Proops’ brain.”
Rolling Stone “The 20 Best Comedy Podcasts Right Now” on “The Smartest Man in the World”

“Some of the boldest comedy on the podcasting frontier right now. Proops proved himself a keen improviser on Whose Line Is It Anyway?… but his performance there only hinted at how nimble he is.”
Rolling Stone on “The Smartest Man in the World” podcast

“Greg Proops’s bold, never-boring voice takes center stage in this live recording of his renowned podcast.”
New York Times on “The Smartest Man in the World” podcast